Sell Your Note For Cash

We Can Pay You Cash for Mortgage Notes, Lottery Winnings, Court Settlements, even
Senior Life Insurance or Viatical Settlements

Why Sell
Your Notes?

Mortgage Notes

Lottery Winnings


Earn 15%+




Are You Currently Receiving Payments For:
  • An Owner Financed Mortgage Note
  • Court or Insurance Settlement
  • Lottery Winnings
If so, PR Investors can buy your note and pay you cash in just a few weeks...

Often people want access to their cash for reasons such as to:

  • Pay off credit cards or other debts
  • Buy a house
  • Purchase a new car
  • Pay for medical care
  • Start or expand a business
  • Pay for college or private schools
  • Take a dream vacation
  • Pay for a wedding
PR Investors can pay you a lump sum of cash now for your monthly payments from owner financed mortgages, business notes, lottery winnings, structured settlements and annuities. If you qualify, we can even pay you cash for your life insurance policy.

We pay quick cash for various types of notes, including:

Mortgage Notes
Taking back owner financing helped you to sell your property… but waiting years for payments to trickle in can be frustrating & costly. We can get you your cash quickly!
Court / Lawsuit Settlements
Insurance companies start paying when they settle a court case, but why wait years to get all the money you won? We can pay you a lump sum of cash in a few weeks.
Lottery Winnings
Don't wait 20 years or more to collect your winnings, get it all in just a few weeks.
Senior Life Insurance Settlements
If you're over 70 and in good health, we can even buy your life insurance policy. Whether you no longer need the policy, or can no longer afford to keep it, you will get nothing if you cancel it. However if you qualify, we can pay you cash for it.
Viatical Life Insurance Settlements
If you or someone you know is suffering from a terminal illness with a life expectancy of 4 or less years, we may be able to purchase your life insurance policy and pay you cash now to help you reduce the stress over financial concerns.


Cash for Mortgage Notes, Lottery Winnings, Court Settlements